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ANEMON will be part of the Swiss Television (RTS) and France 3 TV show “ID Inventer demain”. It is part of the 60 innovative companies of the French speaking Switzerland and neighbouring France selected by RTS and France 3 Régions and that will be presented from August 2014.

AFrom Monday 25th August, the RTS offers a series of 60 portraits of innovative entrepreneurs who participate in the “Inventer Demain” contest. Each one of them will present its innovation from Monday to Friday at 8.05 pm on RTS One, the portraits will be put online on Every Monday, the best entrepreneur of the week will be presented in the economic show TTC. Twelve weeks later, the twelve finalist entrepreneurs will have been chosen, six from Switzerland and six from France.

The TV viewers and computer users will have five days (from 25th to 30th November) to vote for their favourite innovation and entrepreneurs on the site On 1st December, the twelve finalists will present their innovation during a TTC special show in the presence of a jury. During this show, the two best entrepreneurs of the year will be named.

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Device Cloud Networks forms a partnership with Anemon to extend the M2M solutions in agriculture and livestock farming.

After successful trials in Switzerland, a new device is ready to spread out a biometric control for the breeding of dairy cattle and other animals. Device Cloud Networks (DCN) announced its collaboration with Anemon in order to supply the agriculture and breeding sectors with a “machine-to-machine” (M2M) solution which automates the control of the lactation cycles of individual animals and of herds by the fusion of electronic sensors.

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ANEMON arrives on the market

The ANEMON system arrives on the market. After five years of research and development as well as field trials, the product is now fully operational. It particularly relies on a partnership with the Clinique vétérinaire du Vieux-Château, that will carry out the commercialisation for the Jura and the Bernese Jura.

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The ANEMON system on trial in the USA

Since mid-August, the ANEMON system is being tested at the Agriculture College of the University of Kentucky (USA), under the direction of Professor Jeffrey Bewley. These scientific tests are realised in partnership with the Bern University of Applied Sciences, under the direction of Professor Kurt Hug. Two members of the Bern University went there to supervise and allow the technology transfer.


Obtaining of the CTI Start-up label by ANEMON SA

“Ready for sustainable business development”! These are the words used on the certification delivered to our society by the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) of the Swiss Confederation. This label was received after a thorough analysis made by several experts appointed by the CTI (funds, technique and intellectual property), then by a dissertation of the project in Bern in front of the members of the CTI Start-up commission.

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