The ANEMON System

Totally new, the ANEMON system sends an SMS when your cow is on heat. The detection high reliability is based on the body temperature and the cow’s activity variations.


Your advantages at a glance

Simple use: you only need your usual cell phone and a computer. No need of expensive equipment in your cowshed: all is integrated on the animal. You are directly informed by the ANEMON system on your cell phone and the temperature and activity curves can be consulted any time on your computer by means of a simple internet browser. The scope of action is only limited by your operator’s mobile network coverage.


Detection reliability: the ANEMON system is the most reliable on the market with a tested detection rate of more than 90% due to the combination of the internal body temperature and the animal activity. Therefore it is getting easier and easier to detect the ideal moment for the insemination.


Cost reduction: thanks to the reliability and precision of the ANEMON system you significantly improve the fertilisation rate of your herd and thus save money on unsuccessful inseminations. Your productivity is improved and you spend less time observing the animals.


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